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Stanislawski & Harrison CPAs provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. At Stanislawski & Harrison CPAs, we strive to meet each client's specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.

As the list below is by no means all-inclusive, please feel free to inquire about a service if you do not see it listed. If it is not a service we provide, we would be more than happy to refer you to a qualified professional.

Nonprofit Consulting and Tax Services

Nonprofits are well known as organizations that accomplish great good if they can weather the minefield of compliance requirements and technical matters.

At Stanislawski & Harrison we know where the mines are buried.

For more than two decades the CPAs at Stanislawski & Harrison have specialized in helping nonprofit organizations meet their purposes and missions and exceed their objectives. We do it through proactive consulting and ongoing guidance. We apply financial expertise that's borne of experience in the nonprofit sector and we adopt as our own the visions and goals of each client organization.

When you appoint Stanislawski & Harrison as your consultant you're bringing on board seasoned professionals who can help you identify opportunities. Prevent missteps. Operate cost-efficiently. And negotiate the tricky maze of accounting and tax regulations that can confound even the most experienced management teams.

Stanislawski & Harrison has been where you're trying to go. We can help you:

  • Determine and apply for nonprofit status
  • Develop the organization's mission and business plan
  • Design internal information systems and budgets
  • Basement and design of internal controls
  • Prepare nonprofit tax returns
  • Identify areas of tax exposure, such as unrelated business income and public support
  • Consult on fundraising rules and lobbying restrictions
  • Assist with grant applications
  • Endowment tracking and spending
  • Restricted gift analysis
  • Evaluation of executive salaries and deferred compensation
  • Outsource accounting functions, such as receivables and payables
  • Assist in recruitment of personnel
  • Strategize the relationships of organization structure and affiliates
  • Ratio analysis/benchmarking

Through it all we will consistently lead you in the right direction. Help you maintain an organization of quality and integrity. And guide you out of the minefield, one step at a time.

Serving Nonprofit Organizations

Stanislawski & Harrison: Providing the Service You Expect to Receive

Our experience demonstrates that most successful organizations have established goals and long-range plans. As a firm of knowledgeable CPAs and business advisors, we can help you meet your goals and reach your objectives. We are experienced, have good references and, most of all, know what it takes to provide the service you expect to receive.

Our approach to client service combines the high quality and specialization typically expected from "Big Five" firms, with the personal attention, staff continuity and reasonable fees expected from local CPA firms. We have found this to be a successful formula in serving nonprofit organizations.

Knowledge and Experience

Our accounting and auditing engagements go far beyond the issuance of financial statements, auditors' report and the management letter. Our in-depth knowledge of nonprofit organizations provides us with extraordinary perspective regarding their operation, management and control. This knowledge has come from our extensive experiences from years of working with finance committees, business managers, executive directors and development directors, assisting them in problem solving and in carrying out the duties of their positions. We always seek to fulfill our maximum role as valued members of the management team.

Partner Involvement

Our engagements feature partner-level attention in the planning and fieldwork stages, not just at the commencement and completion of a job. This results in more efficient service, improved communication and problem solving, and a high degree of continuity and familiarity that most firms do not provide.

Serving Each Organization’s Special Needs

Each nonprofit organization has its own unique approach toward balancing the interactive elements of management and operating style. On every nonprofit engagement, we seek to address the interests of all the components of an organization’s management: finance committees, trustees, executive directors, business managers and development directors.

Finance Committee, Trustees and Executive Directors

We always try to view our engagements from the perspective of each organization’s top management: its finance committee, trustees and executive directors. In that regard, we focus on the issues important to them:

  • Quality accounting and auditing
  • Meaningful and relevant management letter
  • Strict confidentiality
  • Internal controls and safeguarding of assets
  • Management information systems and budgeting
  • Evaluation of operating staff
  • Other items necessary to meeting fiduciary responsibilities

Business Managers

A financial audit or review can be an unsettling experience for a business manager, even under the best of circumstances. We strive to make each engagement a positive experience for the business manager and his or her staff. Aside from the primary goal of issuing year-end financial statements and management letter on a timely and cost-efficient basis, we seek to increase the overall effectiveness of the business office by providing practical and relevant advice on a broad range of business topics. We not only help the business managers understand their mission and how other business managers are dealing with day-to-day problems, but we help them reconcile their performance with the expectations of their finance committees. Overall, we help each organization’s business office staff develop their expertise in a variety of ways:

  • Accounting, internal and external financial reporting and budgeting
  • Segregation of duties to obtain maximum, cost-effective internal controls
  • Answers to questions regarding taxation and compliance: payroll taxes, sales taxes, government reporting and informational returns
  • Employee benefit plans: retirement plans, fringe benefit plans and deferred compensation agreements
  • Computer software and accounting systems

Development Directors

While we are not fund-raising consultants, we are uniquely qualified to provide valuable information and services to development activities as a side benefit to our clients. Some areas in which we have assisted development personnel include:

  • Compliance with the myriad of government rules and regulations, and in information reporting requirements, surrounding charitable contributions
  • Coordination of internal controls and tax requirements with auxiliary associations
  • Obtaining foundation grants

Corporate and Partnership Tax Services

When you’re pushing your limits trying to run the business, the last thing you want to worry about is taxes.

It takes time. It saps your patience. And it drains your bottom line.

Let Stanislawski & Harrison ease your workload. Sure, we’ll take care of your entity tax returns. But that’s just the beginning.

Here you’ll find professionals who will review contracts, legal documents and investment options to provide you short and long-term financial guidance. Provide tax projections and consulting when you’re contemplating an acquisition or other financial transaction. Help you set up your medical benefits and pension plans. Represent you with the IRS for a truly hassle-free audit. And all the while help you minimize your tax burden and maximize your profits.

Your situation is unique. Your needs will change over time. So Stanislawski & Harrison will work with you to select just the services you need, when you need them.

You can rely on Stanislawski & Harrison to:

  • Prepare annual tax returns
  • Compute and prepare business tax, sales tax, payroll tax and property tax statements
  • Project and update quarterly estimated tax payments
  • Handle correspondence with the IRS, and provide representation during audits
  • Review books monthly or quarterly to optimize future financial results
  • Prepare tax projections for financial transactions and at year-end
  • Assist in reviewing and managing pension plans, medical benefit plans and employee benefit plans
  • Provide financial records to banks for loans, lines of credit, etc.
  • Set up new business entities
  • Evaluate investment returns
  • Provide a productive link to reputable bankers, stockbrokers and attorneys

    Why turn over your Business Group's tax work to Stanislawski & Harrison? So you can make better business decisions. Feel more confident in your company’s financial future. And get a better night’s sleep.

  • Business and Executive Management

    When you entrust your affairs to a business manager you’re putting everything on the line. Your finances. Your future. Your faith in the person who will soon know you almost as well as you know yourself.

    That’s why you need a CPA to serve as your business manager. A professional who is bound by a code of ethics. An expert in both business and professional finances who can safeguard your current holdings while helping you invest for the future. A specialist like the CPAs at Stanislawski & Harrison.

    At Stanislawski & Harrison you are the top priority.

    Whether you are a high level executive or an entertainer, you can depend on your Stanislawski & Harrison business manager to handle everything from complex financial transactions to mundane matters like receiving and processing your mail. And because we have your best interests at heart, you’ll pay only a fair hourly rate for services rendered, not a percentage of your income.

    Best of all, you can depend on Stanislawski & Harrison to help you manage your business affairs with integrity. With unsurpassed professionalism. With the skill that comes only from experience. And in a trustworthy fashion that allows you to confidently leave the details to us while you concentrate on your career and your life.

    While every business management arrangement is unique, many rely on Stanislawski & Harrison to:

    • Process daily cash receipts, deposits and payables
    • Receive and process all mail and shipments
    • Review contracts
    • Complete paperwork
    • Set up production and related businesses
    • Process payroll for household and business staff
    • Sell and purchase real estate and major merchandise
    • Handle vendor disputes
    • Set up and handle insurance reviews
    • Review pension programs

    Take a look around. Consider how much better life could be with a knowledgeable CPA as your business manager. Then turn to Stanislawski & Harrison, the best in business when it comes to business management.

    Attestation Services

    You may think that every audit is the same, and every auditor just as qualified as the next. They review the receivables. Verify the payables. Count the inventory. Assure you that your books are up to snuff.

    If this has been your experience, you haven't yet experienced a Stanislawski & Harrison audit.

    Because audits from Stanislawski & Harrison are more than a financial check-up...they're a proactive management tool to help you improve your operation. While we are reviewing, counting and verifying, we're doing a whole lot more: evaluating your internal controls; assessing your information process; and analyzing cash and asset management. And we do it with an efficiency that gets our seasoned team in and out of your workplace in a fraction of the time you may be accustomed to.

    We carry into every audit decades of auditing experience, a well-rounded knowledge of your industry, and a healthy dose of skepticism. Then you carry away more than just a passing or failing grade – you get a detailed, informative management letter which helps you decide where to go from here.

    Your Stanislawski & Harrison auditor will tell you where your internal controls are weak. How you can reduce business risks. What you can do to improve your billing cycle. How you can overcome shortcomings in your operation. And we'll keep on consulting with you throughout the year.

    In the end, your board members or owners will know how the organization is performing from the inside out. They'll be able to make better business decisions. And they'll learn how to improve organizational results in the short- and long-term.

    Stanislawski & Harrison performs insightful auditing and review engagements for nonprofit organizations and small- to middle-market businesses. We have extensive experience working with:

    • Independent schools and colleges
    • Youth organizations
    • Private and fundraising foundations
    • Arts and cultural organizations
    • Health and welfare organizations
    • Religious organizations and churches
    • Trade organizations
    • Investment companies
    • Real estate developers, construction contractors
    • Agricultural alliances
    • Manufacturers and distributors
    • Employee benefit plans

    If your audits aren't creating a roadmap for your future, you should be talking to Stanislawski & Harrison. You'll learn how productive an audit can be, and learn a whole lot more about your organization in the process.

    Insourced Accounting Services

    The quality of the output depends on the integrity of the input.

    It’s a lesson more and more business owners are learning every day, and it’s the reason they’re turning over responsibility for their accounting and bookkeeping to Stanislawski & Harrison. We can insource your backroom accounting.

    When it comes to your books, the numbers have to be accurate. The format has to be user-friendly. And the reports you receive have to give you a quick, concise picture of your financial situation on a timely basis.

    When you turn over your day-to-day accounting function to Stanislawski & Harrison, you’ll get all that and more. Because at Stanislawski & Harrison we believe that accounting should be cost-effective. Time-efficient. And presented in a way that allows you to make better business decisions.

    Insourcing your accounting can give you the best of both worlds. You can either retain the flexibility to computer-generate checks and make deposits in-house allowing us to complete the financial package, or you can outsource your entire accounting function to our office, eliminating your staffing challenges of turnover and overhead expense.

    Best of all, with Stanislawski & Harrison your financial records will always be in order. You’ll know where you stand. We’ll see problems as they develop and give you quick recommendations to help prevent unnecessary expense. And at the end of the year, preparing your tax returns will be quicker, smoother and more efficient.

    Stanislawski & Harrison will custom-tailor your accounting service package to include just the services you need to keep you on top of your financial game. We can:

    • Receive your receivables and payables data monthly, or make deposits and write checks for you
    • Post transactions, and create monthly journals and yearly ledgers
    • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations
    • Prepare financial statements and trend information
    • Monitor results against budget
    • Handle payroll, and prepare payroll tax returns
    • Regularly review your records for negative trends, and recommend cost-saving and profit-making solutions
    • Train your in-house bookkeepers in efficient, accurate systems for receivables, payables, inventories and more
    • Consult with your staff regarding accounting software, recommending appropriate programs and providing training as needed

    In the high-stakes world of your finances, knowledge is power. And you’ll always know where you stand with accounting and consulting from Stanislawski & Harrison.

    Individual Tax Services

    Handling your individual tax requirements should never mean going it alone.

    The tax laws are too complex. Your options are too far-reaching. And you have too many better things to do than worry about taxes.

    That’s where Stanislawski & Harrison becomes your tax advocate.

    At Stanislawski & Harrison you’ll find a team of professionals who are dedicated to maximizing your income potential. Limiting your tax burden. And educating you about the constantly changing possibilities for managing your finances.

    Your tax specialist will work with you year-round, helping you make sound financial decisions that will pay off on April 15. You’ll have a personal advocate in your corner when you make major financial transactions and embark on major life changes. And you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing someone is looking out for your long-term benefit with every short-term financial move you make.

    When you entrust your individual tax work to Stanislawski & Harrison, you’ll be hiring a seasoned professional who will:

    • Prepare your individual tax returns and estimated tax payments
    • Project and update estimated tax payments
    • File extensions as needed
    • Advise on business and entity issues
    • Prepare tax projections to aid in financial decision-making and maintain balance between income and expenses
    • Consult with you during major transactions, such as real estate sales and purchases, loan refinancing, stock investing and retirement planning
    • Set up retirement arrangements and plan for asset distribution
    • Help you manage the financial impact of marriage, divorce and other life changes
    • Spearhead the process of writing a will, and recommend viable options for creating a trust
    • Answer your questions about gifting and estate planning
    • Manage correspondence with the IRS, and represent you in the event of an unlikely audit
    • Handle household payroll and the accompanying tax ramifications

    It just makes sense to put your individual tax concerns in the hands of a professional. Someone who will take a personal interest in your financial well-being, who will get to know you and your goals, and who will take an active role in building and maintaining your financial health.

    Estate and Gift Tax Planning Services

    If you’ve accumulated or stand to inherit sizeable assets, and would prefer that those assets go to your heirs rather than the government, Stanislawski & Harrison can help make it happen.

    With guidance from Stanislawski & Harrison you can start protecting your family’s inheritance today and for future generations. Perhaps you need to prepare or update a will. Maybe you should be establishing a simple trust to protect assets from probate. Or it could be that your assets and circumstances suggest the need for another more sophisticated vehicle like a family partnership, charitable remainder trust, grantor retained annuity trust (GRAT), insurance trust or residential trust. Perhaps you should begin a regular gifting program, transferring funds to heirs in amounts and at times that avoid tax liability.

    Or maybe you’ve been designated the executor of a family member’s estate, and now you’re facing a confusing array of estate and inheritance tax forms.

    You can rely on Stanislawski & Harrison to help you:

    • Identify assets, secure appraisals and assign value
    • Determine tax liability to the estate
    • Design a gifting program to limit liability, and prepare gift tax returns when necessary
    • Prepare estate tax returns
    • Provide consulting regarding options for sheltering and protecting assets

    The time to begin the estate planning process is now, when your options are greater and your planning flexibility is intact. Make your first choice Stanislawski & Harrison—experienced, reliable professionals whose goal is to protect you and your assets.

    Industry Expertise

    When you’re pushing your limits trying to run the business, the last thing you want to worry about is taxes.


    • Architects
    • Attorneys
    • Broadcast media
    • Computer consulting, software
    • Designers
    • Engineers
    • Entertainers
    • Entertainment, production
    • Freight, trucking
    • Hospitality
    • Sales
    • Sports franchises


    • Physicians
    • Health maintenance organizations
    • Health care administration
    • Medical groups and Dental


    • Private equity funds
    • Equity managers
    • Insurance
    • Multi-level financial groups
    • Holding companies


    • Independent schools and colleges
    • Support organizations
    • Public and private foundations
    • Churches, religious orders
    • Civic and trade associations
    • Cultural groups
    • Employee benefit plans
    • Fraternal orders
    • Health and welfare organizations
    • Youth organizations
    • Sport clubs


    • Private equity syndicators
    • Developers, investors
    • Contractors
    • Property management
    • Shopping center management


    • Estates
    • Family partnerships
    • Foundations
    • Trusts
    • Retirement and pension plans
    • Corporate jet services


    • Agriculture
    • Electronics
    • Heavy machinery
    • Machine shops


    • Building products
    • Franchises
    • Hardware and software

    Real Estate Specialty

    Real Estate has long provided a source of tax saving benefits and sometimes challenges. Unfortunately, it can be a complicated tax situation, as well.

    At Stanislawski & Harrison, you get the benefit of an experienced real estate consulting/tax team. We have cultivated a proven network of specialists who work in tandem to get you the "best in class" for brokerage, private equity, lending, legal or cost segregation/tax services. We're a “one-stop shop” – so to speak.

    Whether you invest in commercial or residential real estate, Stanislawski & Harrison can service your diverse holding entities delivering a multiple of specialties. We become part of your team and advocate for your real estate interests. We endeavor to creatively structure the purchase, operation and sale transactions to get the best of all worlds: economic, financial, banking, legal, insurance and tax benefits. We strive to understand our clients' goals and oftentimes suggest a different approach, which is both tax and accounting friendly.

    Industry Involvement

    Our commitment to our clients goes beyond their entities and transactions. We feel the need to be our clients' eyes and ears from the 50,000-foot level down to the third story with all the new tax and accounting pronouncements from the government and the real estate industry. As such, we pride ourselves at being members of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP).

    Stanislawski & Harrison has over 30 years experience in real estate tax and consulting for our clients, who have an estimated total gross value close to $1 billion. Our goal is obtaining substantial gains through efficiency in the areas of economics, tax and accounting. We continually strive to streamline the reporting channels so that we can simplify the volumes of information down to an "executive summary" for our clients' consideration.

    Our team approach allows Stanislawski & Harrison to deliver the maximization of efficiencies and tax savings to our clients. Benefits to our clients with our team approach include:

    • Tax projections, preparation
    • Transaction consulting
    • Insourced Accounting – we can take your accounting functions into our office
    • Cost Segregation – to significantly accelerate tax depreciation
    • Commercial, Residential Tenants in Common (TIC) reporting
    • 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges

    If you are looking for an all inclusive approach on your real estate investments, look to Stanislawski & Harrison.

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